jersey boys film review


Entertaining but Ultimately Forgettable

This film tells the story of how the Four Seasons came to be and and how Frankie Valli became a star.  It is based on the popular musical and the band is predominantly made up of guys who performed the same roles on Broadway.  Far an away the most famous name attached to this film is the director Clint Eastwood.

The music is clearly the strong point of the movie as a series of pop hits including Big Girls Don’t Cry and Walk Like a Man are performed flawlessly by the cast.  John Lloyd Young who plays the role of Frankie Valli does a good job of portraying his journey from naive teenager to journey man performer before … well that would have been a spoiler.  The other strong performance from the cast is Vincent Piazza as Tommy Devito who takes Frankie under his wing like a little brother New Jersey style.  He means well but is ultimately flawed which ultimately decides the future of the band.

Sadly for me I’m not sure how much of this movie I am going to remember in a couple of weeks time.  There is a lot of emphasis on the links the band has with the local hoodlum Gyp DeCarlo (Christopher Walkden) who Frankie wins over because of his performance of a particular song.  The problem is the film can’t settle on a tone for its underworld element and commit to it i.e. is this a break your legs mafia boss or slightly bent friendly uncle.  The reason this film gets its 15 rating is because of the amount of swearing in it.  This rating could have provided cover for a moodier more dangerous production.

Ultimately what I thought this movie required was a big injection of humour.  Musicals tend to work best when this is the case.  I would have dropped the swearing and had more eccentric Christopher Walkden.


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