predator reboot on the books … again

Whoever said originality was dead in Hollywood.  It is being reported that Shane Black the director behind Iron Man 3 has been tapped to outline a plot for a reboot of the Predator franchise.  I am a massive fan of the Arnie original and when I read the news I had to be coaxed from underneath the dining room table.  Enough, please, enough.  I have already had to sit through Alien vs Predator and the latest Predators creation in 2010.  The studio seems unable to gain any traction for this franchise or find a clear direction but are determined to give it another go.

The story goes that Black will handle the initial treatment for the movie before script writing duties are handed to Fred Dekker whose previous writing credits include Robocop 3 and various episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise.  We can’t forget that Shane Black as a young man was responsible for the first Lethal Weapon script but until I see a proper budget and exciting young director attached to the franchise I can only expect further disappointments.


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