wargames to be remade

My age is starting to catch up with me.  Films that I thought weren’t made that long ago are being remade by the dozen at the moment.  Next on the list is the 80’s classic WarGames.  That film centred on a teenager played by Matthew Broderick who found his way into a military computer that threatened World War III after it confused a nuclear simulation with the real thing.

It is being reported that Dean Israelite is close to signing a deal to direct with Arash Amel as writer.  Israelite has no movie track record to speak off.  His first full length project will be Project Almanac, a film about teenagers who somehow discover secret plans for a time machine and build their own version.  The writer Amel is well there’s no getting away from the same person who wrote the critical and financial flop that was Grace of Monaco.

With an unknown director and unconvincing writer the omens are not good for this project.


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