walking on sunshine movie review

Spoiler Alert! It’s Not Mamma Mia

Taylor (Hannah Arterton) returns to a pretty village on the Italian coast three years after a summer romance when she is surprised to hear that her sister Maddie (Annabel Scholey) is getting married in two days time.  Would you believe it, the future husband is the young man Taylor met all though those years ago!

I like to start my reviews with the positives.  Well … the weather looked nice.

This single biggest problem with this movie is that it falls between two stools.  It doesn’t have the vocal quality of Les Miserable and it lacks the well placed cheese of Mamma Mia.  For a musical it has no energy.  The performances lack oomph and the choreography looks basic and under rehearsed.  There’s a crudity to the humour that doesn’t feel right – it’s like the writer saw the scene in Mammia Mia featuring the drill and references to plumbing before applying that idea to the whole script.  Oh and I forgot to mention it features the magisterial acting talents of Leona Lewis who is relegated to singing backing vocals.  Oh and the two funny characters are both fat.  And the film puts feminism back about 20 years and all of the female characters define themselves by boys and marriage.  Oh and the lead male (Giulio Berruti) at one point announces he is going for a swim before taking an inordinate amount of time to remove his shirt.  Oh and earlier in the film he takes a shower on the beach … in slow motion.

It makes me angry when I write so few positives and so many negatives about a film.  I didn’t expect a lot but one does hope for the best.  This is the movie business at its worst.  Start with a premise of ripping off a successful movie like Mamma Mia and then doing it on the cheap.  The studio clearly had no conviction and probably green lit the project on the basis it wouldn’t cost them a lot if it bombed and yet it might make them a lot of money.


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