latest box office news

Transformers Lands in the US

Transformers: Age of Extinction landed in North America over the weekend with a reported gross of $100m.  Despite the love to hate relationship of Michael Bay and the Transformers franchise it blew away the opposition.  The next best was 22 Jump Street which only managed $15m.  We can expect a similar story when it hits the UK this week.  See my blog tomorrow on what movies are being released this week.

It is being reported that it took $201m in 37 international markets with China delivering a whopping $90m weekend haul.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 looks like it is going to fall short of its predecessor’s numbers.  Over the weekend the movie just topped the $700m mark.  The Amazing Spider-Man took $757m at the cinema during its run.  The much maligned Spider-Man 3 took $890m at the box office so the new incarnation of this comic book hero is still failing to match the Sam Raimi incarnation.

X-Men: Days of Future Past seems to just keep going and is now at $712m internationally.  This leaves X-Men: First Class well and truly in the shade as it only managed $353m.

Finally and for no other reason than it has been one of my favourite films of the year The Fault in our Stars has now earned Fox $195m against its meagre production budget of $12m.


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