future plans for the blog

Well my movie blog is almost two weeks old now – Happy Birthday.  Truth be told I’m still getting in the habit of writing on a daily basis and getting a feel on what content I want to include.

Movie reviews will always be at the heart of what I do but I am going to try and personalise the news going forward, being more focused on the main releases with a few smaller favourites.  I want to bring some regularity to what I do so the intention is to have my review of the week’s releases every Tuesday and UK weekend box office news on a Wednesday.  I am going to move away from reporting on US numbers.

I also want to include more”editorial” content i.e. more general thoughts on movies and topical issues similar to my post on rebooting franchises.  It’s all intended to make this blog stand out more.  Also look out for retro reviews e.g. when I watch a DVD and a TV movie of the week.

So, look out for some minor changes as I progress.  I’ll be looking to develop my social media presence including a twitter account specific to this blog and probably a Google+ site as well.  As ever feedback is king and if you have anything you would like to see or thoughts for an editorial get in touch at my e-mail account, filmnomoremovieblog@gmail.com.


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