editorial: the pitts the new power couple of film making

I saw an article this afternoon on the online site of the Daily Telegraph announcing that Brad Pitt was going to star in a future project called By The Sea.  Nothing particularly remarkable but it caught my attention because the film was being directed by other half Angelina Jolie. Brad Pitt has intimated that he doesn’t plan to act forever and wants to spend more time behind the camera.  Angelina Jolie has a movie out later this year called Unbroken about a real life olympian taken prisoner by the Japanese in World War II which is attracting some Oscar buzz.  This has moved me to think if we are seeing a new power couple in Hollywood.  It is part of a growing trend in recent years of actors taking control of their artistic futures – the days of the studio system and multi-picture deals are very much in the past.  The one exception to the rule being the Marvel franchise deals. There are two other names that come to mind immediately – Tom Cruise and George Clooney.  Matt Damon seems to be going down the same route.  However, can any of these actors counter the power of Pitt and Jolie?  I don’t think so.  In addition the By The Sea project suggests the future way in which they may work together.  Brad Pitt has yet to direct but he has been a producer many times now including the Oscar winner 12 Years A Slave (2013), World War Z (2013), Moneyball (2011) and Kick Ass (2010).  Jolie seems to be keen to direct and build on her resume. The couple will co-star and co-produce the new project with Jolie taking up directing duties.  I am very hopeful for this partnership if my prediction for the future proves true as they seem prepared to take on more interesting, character driven projects which could provide an entertaining alternative to the franchise driven roster we currently have.


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