editorial: just how difficult is it to look like captain america or the wolverine

Over the last couple of years I have spent what might be considered an unhealthy amount of time reading about diet and exercise.  This has coincided with masses of media attention focusing on just how does Hugh Jackman get into “Wolverine” shape?  How does Henry Cavill become Superman?

Well I am going to commit myself to finding out.  I’m not saying I am planning an outcome just like Hugh Jackman in X-Men: Days Of Future Past – he used additional methods such as not drinking for 20 hours to really tighten the skin which is just plain dangerous.  However, I want to test the principle.  I am going to test my learning from a Tim Ferriss book The Four Hour Body combined with a low G.I. i.e. low sugar diet.

The plan is to use a cast iron kettle bell to build muscle using a single exercise – the kettle bell swing.  I will eat five times a day – breakfast will be porridge each morning, lunch will be chicken/turkey based and my main evening meal will be either soup or steamed salmon.  I will have two snacks – one will be zero fat greek yoghurt sweetened with a little honey while the other will be a two-egg omelette with one the yolks thrown away to keep the fat content down.  I will allow myself one cheat day each week.

I will augment the lifting with interval training (400m sprints), cycling and fell walking.  The aim of the experiment is to see just how efficiently I can achieve similar results to the movie stars.  Do you really have to work out for a couple of hours a day?  I will report periodically on my progress.  I suspect this is going to be mental torture.


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