trailer review: fifty shades & if i stay

fifty shades

I have absolutely no interest in Fifty Shades Of Grey but I must recognise as a movie blogger that the books sold billions or was it gazillions?  This pretty much guarantees it is going to have an audience albeit I will be required to wear a dress to enter the cinema.  Anyway I am shocked to report that it doesn’t look absolutely terrible.  I was convinced it was going to be a pretty trashy production.

The movie makers seem to be going for a cool modern feel with distinctly grey overtones.  What I have been able to glean from the trailer is that it features a journalist interviewing Mr Grey who with a little persuasion will let her into his world.  In its final seconds the trailer hints at what some of the more exotic elements of this movie could be – I’ll say no more.

Another trailer that has been released this week is he second one for teenage literature inspired If I Stay.  The first trailer intrigued me with its excellent blend of music and drama.  However, I’m now scared.  This trailer leads on the mushy love story and the really painful dialogue of two teenagers trying to prove they love the other more.  It appears to lack the subtlety and charm that made The Fault In Our Stars a surprise hit for me.  I hope I’m wrong.


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