trailer review: nightcrawler

This movie isn’t due out until late October but it has already caught my attention.  The movie stars the talented Jake Gyllenhaal and he appears to be someone with a camera obsession who sees TV news as his means to gainful employment.

He appears to be extremely motivated, too motivated, and I suspect has a deeply disturbed side to his character.  His determination captures the attention of a character played by Rene Russo who clearly has some influence within a TV news network.  I get the distinct impression that Gyllenhaal’s character is going to get himself into some sort of trouble.  I also suspect his psychology is going to fall apart under the strain of it all.

Disclaimer – with all my trailer reviews I do no research into the movie before writing my post so its as honest as possible.  As a result I may make mistakes with regards to details in the plot and the role of characters.


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