some movies to watch on tv this weekend (uk)


Assuming you’re not stuck in the Twitterverse waiting for the Marvel panel at Comic Con you might want to watch some movies on the telebox this weekend.  Below are a few suggestions:

Paul (2011) – Simon Pegg and Nick Frost play two comic book nerds who bump into a real-life alien on the run from a top-secret military base.  Much hilarity (with an adult twist) ensues – Channel 4 9pm

Up In The Air (2010) – if you are after something a little more low-key and a bit classy try this little gem starring George Clooney.  He spends his life on aeroplanes doing the dirty for companies looking to downsize.  A chance encounter shakes things up – BBC2 10:30pm

Captain Phillips (2013) – this is a fantastically tense bit of movie making from director Paul Greengrass and starring Tom Hanks.  The real star is unknown actor Barkhad Abi as the leader of the Somalian pirates who boards Hanks’ ship – Sky Movies Showcase 8pm

Skyfall (2012) – for me the best Bond movie of them all despite my love for Casino Royale.  Daniel Craig has never been better and Javier Bardem is a cold calculated ex 00 agent intent on revenge – Sky Movies Action / Adventure 6pm


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