trailer review: the november man – expect no surprises

It took about 15 seconds from the start of the trailer to figure out the complete story for this movie.  That being said I’m not going to give it away here just in case you want to go in fresh when The November Man hits theatres.

The trailer appears to show Pierce Brosnan as an ex-CIA assassin (English accent?) who is encouraged to come out of retirement but this time against the CIA as it appears an old friend is in trouble.  I suspect there be an ex in the picture somewhere, in this case played by Olga Kurylenko who if memory serves was in that second Daniel Craig 007 movie that no one’s sure about.

The massive twist in this tale is that an ex pupil / understudy of Brosnan has been tasked with terminating him and Kurylenko’s character. No, I haven’t heard this story before either.


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