legendary pictures teases godzilla 2 and new king kong project

Legendary Pictures used San Diego Comic Con to tease the audience with news of the Godzilla sequel and a new project called King Kong: Skull Island.

It has been confirmed that Gareth Edwards will return to direct Godzilla 2 but it will have to wait for him to complete filming of the as yet untitled Star Wars spin-off movie.  Audiences can expect to see famous classic monsters such as Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah.  If I had to guess we won’t be seeing them all in the second movie.  This is a franchise they will want to milk for all its worth.

There’s not a lot known about the new Skull Island based project beyond it already has a release date of November 4, 2016.  Again they would be stupid not to feature King Kong but lets wait and see.


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