trailer review – mad max: fury road

Holy crap.  Not one for swearing in posts but this is a trailer that has really got the juices flowing and I already need to keep my expectations in check.  We have the dynamic duo of Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron who feature heavily.  Mr Hardy is the eponymous hero of the piece while Theron is playing a kick ass young lady who I suspect you wouldn’t want to cross.  Hurrah!  A strong female character.

It is clear that the movie is going to draw on the key themes of the original.  This is a world in which oil and water are at a premium.  This is a parched earth in which law and order has completely broken down.  More excitedly for me I think there are going to be some proper stunts with proper explosions and I doubt we are going to get a kid-friendly rating.  Hopefully it has a violent, nasty edge to it.

Disclaimer – I do no research prior to watching a trailer so I might get aspects of the story wrong.


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