trailer review – The Hunger Games: mockingjay part 1

Well we have our first proper teaser trailer with footage from the movie itself.  The trailer shows the space craft that Katniss escaped in at the end of the last movie landing in District 13.  It features the now sadly departed Phillip Seymour Hoffman talking to a new character played by Julianne Moore about the importance of Katniss to the revolution.

We are talking war in this movie.  There is a scene of the white suited Capitol militia opening fire on a group who retreat through the woods.  There is a subtly different tone in the trailer as the leaders of the rebels appear to have donned a grey military-esque uniform.  It ends with Katniss saying she will stand and fight.

Disclaimer – I do no research prior to watching the trailer.  I am giving my impressions of what I have seen and may make errors in the description of the story.


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