should we all be copy writing our names?

I was reading a story that a young lady in Southend has had her passport application returned because they considered her middle name was subject to a trademark or copy right.  In this case her name was Laura Skywalker Matthews.  The UK Passport office commented that they didn’t want to do anything that might call it into disrepute.

Miss Matthews has pointed out that the same name appears on her driving licence, bank cards etc etc.  What this has led me to think is that if we want to hold onto our passports we need to copy right our names just in case they appear in a movie and get trade marked.  The problem here of course is that if I get in first with Barry, what do all the other Barrys’ do?

I’m sure there a lot of legal reasons why I can’t trade mark my name but its fun thinking about the consequences.  Anybody else there want to take part in an experiment?


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