what next for this movie blog?

I don’t know if this fits into a crisis of confidence but I continue to seek a clear identity for what I am trying to do.  Movie reviews are what I enjoy most, watching trailers is kind of fun, and my occasional editorials provide some variety, but what do I do with the news?

There are tens of thousands of sites doing this.  Putting more of my spin on it is were my head is at but I’m sure if that is enough to really excite visitors.  I have no plans for world domination but I would like to have more than half a dozen visitors a day.

I know I need to introduce a structure and will role that out in the next couple of weeks.  What I am really saying is that I am keen for feedback.  What do you enjoy?  I really want to establish an interactive community and stimulate discussion and just the occasional argument.

All thought and musings welcome.


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