top 5 … favourite movies of the year … so far


I’m a little late but below are my five favourite movies of the year as of the end of June.  At of the end of the year the plan is to do a top 10 list.  Keep your eyes peeled for the much more fun Top 5 least favourite movies of the year.  So here we go:

1.  Wolf Of Wall Street – the best Leonardo DiCaprio performance to date.  It was great to watch a movie that didn’t compromise on its content.  The three hours flew by.

2.  X-Men: Days Of Future Past – the quality of movie I always wanted to see from my favourite comic book franchise. I thought First Class was good but this movie is fantastic.

3.  The Fault In Our Stars – never thought this movie would ever have been in consideration but I felt great after watching this classy effort.  I’ve heard some criticism that this is nothing special / original but I firmly disagree.

4.  Chef – this movie had its problems but the soundtrack and banter between Jon Favreau and John Leguizamo is really warm and funny.  Tasty looking food too.

5.  Godzilla – this is a really well made monster movie that sets up an exciting new franchise.  Watched this one twice.

Special mentions – Transcendence, How To Train Your Dragon 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.


One thought on “top 5 … favourite movies of the year … so far

  1. While I agree with some of your choices I cannot possibly agree with ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ as I have no interest in watching that particular swearfest! Here are my top 5:

    1. ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ – I thought this might be tough to watch due to the cancer theme but it was a tribute to the book and very sensitively done.
    2. ‘Divergent’ – I am fast becoming a fan of Shailene Woodley, she undoubtedly has talent. I am slightly prejudiced due to my slight crush on Theo James but I did genuinely enjoy the film and went to see it a total of 3 times. Differs from the novel on occasion but I didn’t really mind that.
    3. ‘Chef’ – A true delight from the amazing soundtrack to the mouth-watering dishes. A must for all foodies!
    4. ‘X-Men Days of Future Past’ – An amazing cast and plot, what else can I say?
    5. ‘Captain America 2 – The Winter Soldier’ – can’t wait to see where they take this series next, really enjoyed the introduction of ‘The Falcon’ but I also want to see what’s next for Bucky.

    Special mentions for ‘Cuban Fury’ and ‘The Book Thief’, I really wasn’t sure about going to watch ‘Cuban Fury’ as I am not a fan of Chris O’Dowd but in the end it had me laughing out loud and I have insisted on buying the DVD to watch it again. I recognise that ‘The Book Thief’ is not to everyone’s taste but I thought that this was an extremely well done film with great characters and made me want to read the book.


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