top 5 … least favourite movies of the year … so far


Well I’ve already posted the list of my favourite five movies of the year to the end of June, now its time of my least favourite.

1.  Walking On Sunshine – by far my least favourite movie of the first half of 2014.  Terrible acting, terrible dialogue, terrible dancing.

2.  The Book Thief – it’s really, really boring.  Nothing happens then a bomb drops, the end.

3.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 -this was a really frustrating watch.  A movie with an incredible identity crisis.  This incarnation of the franchise has still to catch fire.

4.  Need For Speed – this isn’t a really bad movie, but it pretends to be something it really isn’t with the romance shoe-horned in there.  Should have been ninety minutes and focused on incredible car set pieces.

5.  Edge of Tomorrow – disappointment plays a big part in this movie making it into this list.  I wasn’t expecting too much but I was bored for long sections.  It could have been a darkly comic movie with an edge (get it!) but turned out to be hum drum mediocre.

I almost went controversial with Twelve Years A Slave because I couldn’t get into it but even I know this was a really well made movie with incredible acting.


3 thoughts on “top 5 … least favourite movies of the year … so far

  1. Here are my least favourite to date:

    1.’Walking On Sunshine’ – truly dreadful with bad acting, bad choreography, bad plot, bad singing etc.etc.- nearly walked out of the cinema, thank got it was a freebie !

    2. ‘Noah’ – I just couldn’t get into this film, really didn’t like the character of Noah and found it almost futuristic in parts.

    3. ‘American Hustle’ – Although I appreciate the detail that was put in to create the period of the film I just found it boring!

    4. ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ – Would rather watch ‘Groundhog Day – felt like it was a computer game.

    5. ‘300 Rise of an Empire’ – Just not my kind of film, too violent and gory.

    ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ almost made it to the list but that would have purely been me picking on Ricky Gervais and The Muppets don’t deserve that 🙂


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