DC vs Marvel Fight Called Off


Well it’s bad news for boxing fans as Warner Bros has decided not to go head-to-head with Marvel Studios on May 6th 2016.  The Studio has announced that Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice will now be released a few months earlier on March 25th.

While this us bad news for those of us looking forward to an epic box office clash it is the sensible decision as this film and Captain America 3 will now have room to rake in the cash.  The new Beverley Hills Cop film is due for release on March 25th 2016 but I’m willing to bet that might change now.

Warner Bros has also announced the release date for 9 untitled DC films and 2 “event films”.  The release dates range from August 6th 2016 to November 20th 2020.  While this doesn’t seem to mean much the only other DC movie definitely in the works is Justice League.  In order to meet the 2016 release dates expect a flurry of announcements shortly.


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