UK Weekend Box Office Results – 1st to 3rd August


The headline this week albeit no surprise to anyone is that Guardians of The Galaxy has unseated Dawn of The Planet of The Apes at the top of the UK box office.  At the same time as its mega opening in North America the film managed £6.3m here in the UK.  Dawn of The Planet of The Apes still performed well in second place as takings fell just 21% week on week at £2.9m.  The box office hit has taken £23.6m in just three weeks and has considerably outperformed Transformers: Age of Exstinksion in the UK.

The top three was filled out by How to Train Your Dragon 2 which saw a bit of a bump this week, probably down to school holidays, as its gross rose 11% on the previous week to £1m.  The Nut Job has disappointed on its opening weekend with takings of just £0.66m.  This is poor for a family orientated animation released to coincide with the summer holidays.  I checked and it has done quite well in North America where takings have been $64m although that has been over 16 weeks.  Given its relatively low production costs of $42m expect a lukewarm sequel.

One final worthwhile comment – Back to The Future reappeared on the top ten chart thanks to Secret Cinema.  The immersive cinema experience attracted a lot of bad press after having to cancel a few times but takings of £0.53m meant the film appeared at number seven on the chart.


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