Immortals Retro Review – OK 300esque Entertainment


Immortals was released in 2011 and stars the pre-Superman Henry Cavill as a peasant called Theseus, John Hurt as Old Man (I checked the credits), Freida Pinto as Phaedra, Mickey Rourke as King Hyperion and Luke Evans as the God Zeus.  The film was directed by Tarsem Singh who before this effort was probably best known for 2000’s The Cell with Jennifer Lopez.

There’s a bit of a complicated back story to what is a very straight forward film which appears to involve the Gods defeating an ancient foe who are imprisoned and become known as the Titans.  King Hyperion is intent on conquering the known world and his plan entails getting his hands on an ancient bow and releasing the Titans.  The Gods are watching on, not wishing to interfere in the concerns of man, while Theseus gets caught up in Hyperion’s apparently relentless march to world domination.

The film feels like a mix of 300 and Hercules (The Dwayne Johnson version) in that it has some graphic novel like special effects and has the feel of a high end TV special.  The one saving grace is Henry Cavill who with very little to work with does a decent job.  It is also clear to see that the camera loves him and his screen presence makes the film watchable.  If it had been anybody else this could have a really wretched production.  It’s also interesting to see John Hurt in a hire-an-actor role which funnily enough is very similar to what he does in Hercules.

Sadly the rest of the cast is forgettable and even Micky Rourke is forced to play a villain with no real back story that I can remember although I must admit I was tired when I watched this.  The story unfolds with a distinct feeling of inevitability and there are no surprises for the audience.  Bad guy looks like he is going to win, Theseus loses someone close and vows revenge, gives a great speech to rouse the masses and (spoiler alert …) wins through in the end.

There really isn’t much more to say than that.  Glad I didn’t pay to see it in the cinema as it belongs on the small screen.


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