How I remember Robin Williams in Just Two Films


There will be plenty written about the ‘madness’ of Robin Williams, the depression, the drugs etc etc etc.  I’ll leave that to the tabloids.  For me I can sum up his career in films in just two roles.

The first is as the wise cracking radio DJ Adrian Cronaur in Good Morning Vietnam who challenges the status quo with his rock ‘n’ roll music and will-full rejection of authority.  He exudes energy and the film is very, very funny.  That being said there is much more to this film than that.  He demonstrates his heart and humanity as he strikes up a relationship with a local girl and gets caught up in the chaos of the conflict as he pulls people out of a bombed bar.


The other iconic role is as psychologist Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting, a film that is currently in contention to appear on my top ten films of all time.  This film role is the flip slide of Adrian Cronaur as he primarily shows a lot of heart as the crusty teacher still reeling from the death of his wife.  He takes Will Hunting (Matt Damon) under his wing and finds a way to crack through the young man’s hard exterior showing a streak of warm humour and understanding of the hard side of life.

In both roles he shows his breadth of talent from outrageous comedy to full on drama.  Sadly we won’t have the chance to see much more of this extraordinary talent but I will always have fond memories of these two films.

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