Someone Explain Rush Hour 4 to me?



Well I was running through the various film news articles on the Internet when I stopped in my tracks and had to consciously make myself breath again.  How many times have I thought I really, really wish they had made a Rush Hour 4.  Well all of our prayers could be answered.

It has been reported that Jackie Chan has been approached about adding yet another film to this so-so franchise.  It’s completing mystifying and for once I’m not talking about the quality of the film.  I checked the history of its box office performance and the numbers don’t add up.

The original Rush Hour took $244m which albeit not earth shattering delivered a nice profit on a $33m production budget.  The follow-up Rush Hour 2 was given a much bigger budget at $90m and delivered another sold box office performance of $347m.  The trajectory was going in the right direction so Rush Hour 3 is born but oops the franchise has clearly peaked.  Despite having its biggest budget to date at $140m but its box office slipped to a total gross of $258m.

The numbers don’t lie.  It followed the classic franchise pattern of delivering a solid first film which attracted a bigger audience for the second but looked dead on arrival after a lazy third film that lost the Studio money.  So I ask, where is the commercial case for this film?  I bet it’s going to made for a budget similar to original outing which limits the downside  and could maximise the upside.  Whatever (snap of the fingers).


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