The Power of Money – Journey to The Centre of The Earth Sequels


It is being reported that the writers of The Conjuring have been hired to write two more sequels to The Journey to The Centre of The Earth – that is the 2008 Brendan Fraser version which was followed by Journey 2: The Mysterious Island starring Dwayne “Sword and Sandals” Johnson.

I watched the Fraser Journey on TV and it was terrible.  His acting was shocking for a guy I loved in Blast From The Past, the special effects looked cheap and the dialogue was laugh-out-loud appalling.  However, the film cost $60 to make and took $240m at the worldwide box office so it made a tidy profit.

It should come as no surprise that a sequel was green lit and Dwayne Johnson was picked to lead the second film in the franchise.  I haven’t seen this film but on Rotten Tomatoes it has a 42% rating with critics and 59% with the general audience which suggests it wasn’t a masterpiece.  However for a relatively small budget of $79m it returned $335m at the box office.

This means that someone at the Studio was sleeping  as it’s been a couple of years since the last film but clearly he / she has been replaced as Dwayne Johnson is slated to return to the franchise.  It’s the power of money people.  The only way to stop this trend is to listen to critics and bloggers and stop going to see mindless crap like this.


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