UK Weekend Box Office – August 8th – 10th


Well I’m a day late with this blog and I have no excuses so shame on me.  Got caught up watching the European Athletics Championships and participating in NFL Fantasy Football mock drafts.

As I predicted based on the number of people I saw in the cinema on Tuesday night, The Inbetweeners 2 demolished the competition with a £12.5m opening weekend.  The ever popular TV comedy has paved the way for a third film although the cast claims this was the final film.

Guardians of The Galaxy had a sold second week in theatres dropping 48% to £3.3m while Dawn of The Planet of The Apes is showing some longevity in third place with takings of £1.7m.  The film has grossed £27m since release.

There was a distinct lack of new film releases this week which showed the fear of Hollywood studios of a certain eccentric UK-made release.  It’s probably why we haven’t had the Turtles film yet and why The Expendables 3 is being released this week.


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