Top 5 … Films to Watch on TV This Week 16th August 2014


It’s not even 8am on a an overcast Saturday morning in the UK and here I am blogging for your entertainment and education.  Below are five films that will be showing on free-to-air channels in the UK that I think you should consider watching:

1.  Star Wars Epidode V: The Empire Strikes Back – ITV1, Saturday 9.45pm

One of the best three films of all time.  I’ll leave you to guess the other two.  I sometimes call the original trilogy my generation’s Godfather.  This film has the darkest tone of the three and doesn’t have a happy ending in the traditional sense but has one of the greatest scenes in film history as Luke discovers the truth about his past.  An absolute must watch.

2.  Fight Club – ITV4, Saturday 11:25pm

This is a disgraceful time to show a film with such rare quality.  I still remember the first time I watched it, its rawness and a twist to match The Sixth Sense.  Edward Norton is not happy with his life and discovers and unusual form of release.  Not for the faint hearted but stick with it.  Remember the first rule of Fight Club …

3.  The Prestige – BB2, Sunday 10pm

The rivalry between two magicians in Victorian London doesn’t appear to be a striking premise for an exciting film but with Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman going head-to-head you know the acting is top notch.  The rivalry gets out of control and it starts to get really creepy.

4.  The Shawshank Redemption – ITV2, Monday 9pm

You probably already know the heart breaking ending but this film has enthralled millions and rightly so.  It speaks of relationships between men and the impact of institutionalism.  A genuine modern classic.

5.  Honey, I Shrunk The Kids – E4, Wednesday 8pm

Not a film I would normally choose but it’s really good fun and a good option for the family.  It’s starting to look a little dated but Rick Moranis is perfectly cast as a mad professor whose latest invention has unfortunate consequences for his own family.


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