Into The Storm Review – Waivers Between Average And a Bit Iffy



Into The Storm is directed by Steve Quale whose main previous credit as a director was Final Destination 5.  The film is written by John Swetnam who also wrote Step Up: All In.  The film stars Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callis and Matt Walsh.

The story is set in a backwater town called Silverton and features a down-on-its-luck storm chasing team that hasn’t intercepted a tornado in over a year and this years season is coming to a close.  Walsh plays a film documentary maker named Pete who is frustrated by the inability of Allison (Callis) to find him a tornado to film.  The situation is made worse because she wasn’t his first choice.  In the meantime Vice Principal Gary Morris (Armitage) is gearing up for graduation, while his eldest son is trying to impress a girl by helping her with a project.  What are the chances that their individual plot threads should come together?

This is a found footage film come fake documentary as by fortunate coincidence almost all of the characters carry a camera of some description.  That being said there are a number of scenes where it is not entirely clear who is filming when all of the protagonists are on screen at the same time.

The acting is ok but I wanted to give a special mention to the young man playing the eldest son of Mr Morris, Max Deacon, who I think does a good job with limited material.  The film has its plus points as it avoids the trap of forcing a romance between the two single parents.  The scenes of destruction feel very real and at times become quite intense.

Unfortunately the film lets itself down on too many occasions with silly dialogue and inexplicable happenings such as the sudden appearance of an international airport in the sleepy town of Silverton just in time for it to be destroyed.  One tornado becomes multiple tornadoes that appear and disappear at impossible speed and it has cliched characters whose purpose in the film you can see from a hundred miles away.  I can’t bring myself to write about the redneck comic relief.

I didn’t dislike the film and at 90 minutes it didn’t outlast its welcome but I couldn’t love it.  It was what it was.

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