UK Film Releases – 27th to 29th August


I’ve been to see Sin City: A Dame to Die For tonight so it’s getting late so I apologise in advance for any silly errors but I was determined to get this blog entry done on time for once.  My review for that film will be posted tomorrow.

The main release this week is Let’s Be Cops which sees Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jnr come together in a buddy comedy which looks at the amusing consequences of two friends pretending to be cops and how far they are prepared to take the pretense.

The film that intrigues me the most is If I Stay as the inevitable comparisons are going to be drawn with The Fault in Our Stars.  This is a tough comparison as Stars is a really good film by any standard.  If I Stay hasn’t opened as strongly in North America but I will try and keep my mind open when I go to watch it.

Disney is releasing what I expect will be the feel good film for the week with Million Dollar Arm.  John Hamm of Mad Men fame is a sports agent trying to hunt out new talent in India to join Major League Baseball.  If horror is your thing there is As Above, So Below that features the claustrophobic confines of the Paris catacombs.

If you are looking for something a little different then Night Moves might be the one for you.  The basic story is that Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning are two environmentalists who set their sights on destroying a dam.


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