This Weeks UK Film Releases – 3rd to 5th September


It’s official, the summer film season has come to an end.  There are no what I would call big releases this week.

Sex Tape, the adult comedy starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal, is released today and I saw it earlier tonight.  I wouldn’t bother going to see it, it’s terrible, but if crudeness and regular use of the F word is your thing knock yourself out.

Also out this week is Before I go to Sleep.  Nicole Kidman tries to bounce back from Grace of Monaco (2014) with this thriller about an amnesiac with some sort of dangerous secret.  The feel good film this week is probably going to be The Hundred-Foot Journey from the director of Chocolat (2000).  An Indian restaurant opens across the road from a classic Michelin-starred French outlet before conflict and cultural exchange ensues.

The closes thing to an action film this week is The Guest in which a mysterious stranger turns up at the house of a family claiming to have known their son in the army before he died.  What is the chance not all might be as it seems?


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