UK Film Releases – 18th to 21st September



As with every other week I focus on a few films being released in UK cinemas.  The film I am most looking forward to is A Walk Among The Tombstones starring Liam Neeson who is really embracing his hard-man image.  The film is based on a book of the same name written by Lawrence Block and is about a one time New York cop, Matt Scudder, who now operates as an unlicensed private detective.  He finds himself working for a drugs lord trying to track down some kidnappers / murderers.  It doesn’t sound a most original premise but the last trailer I saw suggests it will have a really nasty edge to it.


The other film I plan to watch this week is The Riot Club which focuses on an elite student club based at Oxford University.  The Riot Club is supposedly loosely based on the Bullingdon Club which is a controversial real-life club best known for its exorbitant membership fee and grand dining.  Past members have included the current British Prime Minister David Cameron, and his neighbour in Downing Street, the Chancellor George Osborne.


Budget permitting the other interesting film being released this week is Magic in The Moonlight, a comedy starring Emma Stone and Colin Firth.  Emma Stone is a a clairvoyant while Colin Firth is a celebrated debunker of spiritualists who appears stumped by her abilities.

The other wide releases this week are sci-fi film The Giver and comedy sequel Think Like A Man Too.



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