UK Weekend Box Office – 12th to 14th September


Well give yourself a pat on the back Laika, your latest animation The Boxtrolls has conquered the box office and laid waste to the opposition.  This was my favourite film this weekend and it managed takings of £2m.  This meant that one of my previous favourites Lucy fell into second place after a weekend gross of £0.8m.  The Luc Besson film has managed £12m since its release 4 weeks ago.

The second highest opening weekend went to British film Pride that debuted in third with takings of £0.7m.  Not brilliant but still pretty good for a small budget film like this.  I highly recommend it – there have been reports of standing ovations in some screenings.

I wasn’t able to go and see A Most Wanted Man starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman and it had a very mediocre opening with a weekend gross of £0.6m in fifth place.


2 thoughts on “UK Weekend Box Office – 12th to 14th September

    • Lucy has been getting a lot of hate in some quarters. It’s a lot more grounded that something like The Fifth Element in the sense it has none of the wacky costumes or aliens. It’s Scarlett Johansson that makes the film what it is.


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