For Your Consideration – Free-to-View Films Week Commencing 20th September


This is my weekly post where I suggest a few films you might want to watch that are available on UK free-to-view television:

1)  Defiance (2008) – Saturday 20th September, BBC2.  Quality WWII drama which has James Bond, sorry Daniel Craig, starring as one of two brothers living in a Belarus forest as they hide from the Nazi’s.  I believe its based on a real-life family that led a formidable resistance to the German occupation.

2)  Runaway Jury (2003) – Sunday 21st September, Film4.  This is something of a personal choice.  Almost every time this film is on TV I watch it.  It stars John Cusack and Rachel Weisz as a pairing with ulterior motives regarding a trial of a gun company for being culpable in the murder of a husband and father.  Gene Hackman is an expert in selecting jury’s in order to achieve a favourable outcome in a trial and is in the pay of the evil gun companies booooooo!!!!!!

3)  Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) – Monday 22nd September, Film4.  Barry, surely you haven’t picked a Star Trek film have you?  Well yes I have.  This film belongs among science fiction royalty, it’s brilliant.  Forget what prejudices you might have about the TV series or the later pre-JJ films – Ricardo Montalban is a beast as the evil Khan.  The ending is truly emotional and has one of the greatest lines in film history.

4)  Scarface (1983) – Wednesday 24th September, ITV4.  There was a time when Al Pacino used to act and didn’t appear in rubbish TV adverts or iffy comedies as a cameo.  Expect some swearing and a hint of violence as a Cuban gangster runs riot in Miami.

5)  Taken (2008) – Friday 26th September, Film4.  Sadly this film has become a bit of a joke in some circles, especially Liam Neeson’s phone call to the kidnappers.  However, what might seem is a straightforward narrative of a daughter being rescued from an East Eurpean gang has a real edge to it and has an 18 rating for a reason.  The film delves into some dark shadows and Neeson’s on-screen daughter has a rough time of it.



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