For Your Consideration – Five Films to Watch on TV W/C 27th September


This is my weekly list of films that  you may want to consider watching on free-to-air TV in the UK this week.

1)  Margin Call – Saturday 10:30pm, BBC2 – a film that looks at life inside a company at the beginning of the financial crisis of 2008.  It has a powerhouse cast that make it eminently watchable.  Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Irons, Zachary Quinto, Stanley Tucci …

2)  Die Hard 2 – Sunday 9:00pm, Film4 – not as good as the original but it’s still fantastically entertaining and one of the last classic action movies.

3)  Forrest Gump – Monday 9:00pm, Film4 – one of Tom Hanks best performances as the unassuming young man who lives through American’s recent tumultuous history surviving Vietnam and meeting a President in the process.

4)  Star Trek: First Contact – Tuesday 6:40pm, Film4 – I hesitated before putting this film on the list as even I recognise this is not the best of the Star Trek films.  However, it is the best of the Next Generation movies.  The Borg are back so be careful … resistance is futile!

5)  The Social Network – Thursday 11:30pm, Film4 – it’s a Film4 fest this week, predominantly because it’s pretty poor on the main channels.  Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield star as college friends who turn against each other as Facebook becomes a social and financial phenomenon.


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