An Apology – The How Easy is it to Look Like Captain America / Wolverine Project


I’m sorry … a few weeks ago I foolishly announced I was going to launch a project to see how easy it was to get somewhere close to looking like Chris Evans and Hugh Jackman in their respective roles.  I outline the exercise regime and my new diet.  Alas, I failed before I even got started.

I was in decent shape before walking The West Highland Way back in May but I found lots of excuses to eat lots of lovely food, mainly full of fat and cream.  I had a great time but failed miserably with my project.

So here’s the deal.  There is a lovely smell coming from the kitchen – a large gingerbread cake I believe – so I have to finish this off this weekend.  But next week, mark my words I’m on it.  The idea is that I will be in fantastic shape for my holiday in Italy next May.

So I’m going to begin with a ‘before’ photograph.  There will be a new update every two weeks subject to holidays and illness.  I’ll confirm the exact date shortly.  It’s going to be down to all of my readers to keep me honest.  It’s going to be really tough.


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