Thanks For The Comments


First and apology and now a big thank you to the WordPress community.  I’ve only been online for a couple of months now with my blog but thanks to those who have signed up to follow my blog and have taken the time to read my reviews.

It’s taken a while to bed down as I kicked off by writing about news, trying to think about original topics, box office and, and, and …  I’ve learned to narrow it down – it’s films I like to watch and review.  I’m going to continue to write about the box office results on both sides of the Atlantic as this is always interesting to see what people are going to watch.

Ultimately I want to develop some new ideas for regular articles i.e. my top five lists but I need to block out an evening in my diary to do some brainstorming.  I’ve just signed up to for a monthly DVD subscription service to I’m going to do more retro reviews and improve my cinema education.  I’ve also started reading more in general and have enjoyed reading other film reviews from you guys.  I’ve even started to accept other people’s opinions.  It’s a sign of real growth – it’s only taken 35 years.

So, long may we all continue to write about film and encourage others to enjoy the art form.  Till later …



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