North American Weekend Box Office – 26th to 28th September

All hail McCall!

All hail McCall!

The weekend estimates are in and there are two new entries in the top three.  The Maze Runner was at the top for only one week as The Equalizer went straight into the top spot with takings of $35m.  Added to worldwide takings of $17.2m the film is well on its way to recouping its $55m budget.  The Maze Runner held onto second spot with $17.5m.

The Boxtrolls had a solid opening weekend of $17.25m although secretly I hoped it would do better because I’m a big fan of this film.  It’s truly sad to see The Guest continuing to struggle in North America and it has just cleared $200k.  This is a quality film and more people should get out and support this film.  British film Pride has had a very limited release in just 6 screens.  Hopefully word of mouth will spread and more people can experience this heartwarming tale.


2 thoughts on “North American Weekend Box Office – 26th to 28th September

    • Hi, yeah The Guest is getting a lot of love from those who have seen it but it seems to be getting a really limited release in North America – distribution was picked up by a small company called Picturehouse. It opened here in the UK in early September and was available in most of the main multiplexes. I did some research and it’s not currently showing in San Diego or Los Angeles. All I can say is look out for it on DVD.

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