New UK Cinema Releases This Week – Posted 1st October 2014


It’s time for my weekly blog on new releases hitting the UK cinema.  My most highly anticipated release is the latest project from David Fincher, the humble soul who brought us The Social Network (2010) and Fight Club (1999).  Ben Affleck is on acting duties in Gone Girl as a husband whose wife goes missing and comes under increasing suspicion.  The film also stars the lady of the moment Rosamund Pike and it will be interesting to see Neil Patrick Harris trying on a non-comedic role.

On the more popcorn entertainment front this week also sees the release of Dracula Untold which in the mould of Maleficent (2014) will attempt an alternative take on the origins story of the blooding sucking fiend.  The film is directed by Gary Shore – nope I’ve never heard of him either.  Luke Evans takes on the role of Vlad who you will probably recognise as Zeus from The Immortals (2011).

Kevin Costner has a new sports related film out this week – Draft Day.  I expect this one to struggle to find a wide audience here in the UK.  Us American Football fans are a minority in this country so I’m not sure yet how widely it’s going to be distributed.  I’ll be checking film times later today.

Oh and there’s Dolphin Tale 2 …

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