The Captain America / Wolverine Experiment Reset – Warning Contains Photo


OK so I recognise this is not the most flattering photo ever taken of a human being but as I blogged last week I’m putting my credibility on the line in the name of science.  The purpose of this photo is give a starting point in the journey to undermine the myth of the great sacrrfice made by actors to have the body beautiful when playing comic book heroes.  Alternatively I will prove just how difficult it is and they deserve every penny they get.

So the plan is to provide an update every two weeks (Wednesday’s) with occasional photos assuming I don’t get reported for indecency.  I will follow a strict low sugar slow carb diet with occasional cheat days to maintain my sanity.  The only lifting I will do is the basic kettle bell swing.  I’m expecting a slow start (he’s making excuses already!) as I have been ill for a couple of days.  Food poisoning, stomach bug, something like that.  I haven’t been eating a lot so I’m feeling pretty weak at the moment.

Wish me luck!


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