UK Weekend Box Office – 26th to 28th September


Well here’s a new one on me.  The number one production in UK cinemas over the weekend was neither a film or documentary.  Number 1 was a live broadcast of a performance of Bill Elliot The Musical.  Yup, that’s not a typo.  I expected it to crack the top ten because I was leaving the cinema on Sunday as the patrons were arriving to see the musical.  Still, number 1!  It’s good news in general as it means culture is alive and well in the UK but it can’t be as good as seeing it for real?  That being said it’s a lot cheaper than going to see it in London (or Manchester for that matter should it go on tour).

So with Billy Elliott raking in £1.9m for that one showing, The Equalizer found itself in second place with £1.89.  The BoxTrolls continued its strong performance rounding off the top 3 with a mere 15% week-on-week drop to £1.1m.  UK film Pride is continuing to draw audiences in sixth place with a solid £0.4m after three weeks on release (£2.7m total).

There were no real bombs this week although Maps to The Stars is struggling to find an audience with a limited distribution of 43 cinemas and so found itself in 15 place (£0.13m).


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