For Your Consideration – 5 Films on UK Free-to-air TV


Superman: The Movie (1978) – Saturday 11th October, 13:50 ITV4.  The magnificent Christopher Reeve in the lead and a stirring John Williams score.  A true classic that shows Snyder how it should be done.

Back to The Future (1985) – Sunday 12th October, 18:55 ITV2.  It’s another classic that I remember from my childhood.  Michael J Fox, a guitar, a time machine and classic 1950’s America.

Kick Ass (2010) – Monday 13th October, 21:00 Film 4.  I had no idea what was coming my way when I sat down to watch the DVD of this film.  The moment Hit Girl makes her devastating and bloody appearance the film takes off into the stratosphere.

Saving Private Ryan (1998) – Thursday 16th October, 21:00 Film 4.  Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg team up for a no compromise look at life on the beaches in Normandy on D Day in 1945.  It’s a tough watch but if you get into it you can’t look away.

Unstoppable (2010) – Friday 17th October, 21:00 E4.  When I went to the cinema I never expected to enjoy this film as much as I did.  It’s a rare film for the 2000’s – a 90 minute thrill ride that knows exactly what it is and doesn’t outstay its welcome.  Washington and Pine help to raise the film above the ordinary.


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