The Rewrite (2014) Review – Blah Blah Blah



It’s been too long since I last wrote a review but I’ve been ill and other domestic requirements took over hence my blog has been quiet for the last week or two.  The Rewrite is written and directed by Marc Lawrence who has a history with Hugh Grant having worked on Did You Hear About The Morgans (2009) and Music and Lyrics (2007).  They clearly feel comfortable working together which is bad news for the rest of us.

Hugh Grant plays a washed up Hollywood screenwriter, Keith Michaels, who had one big hit but has failed to recapture that success in the intervening years so finds himself desperate for work.  This desperation leads him to take on a teaching role at a college on the east coast.  His plan is to do as little work as possible while he searches for a new writing job to propel him back to the big time.

It is a completely unremarkable tale of redemption for Keith who strikes up an inappropriate relationship with a student, dismisses his class for a month and upsets a key member of the teaching faculty.  He also bumps into Holly Carpenter (Marisa Tomei), a single mum of two, who ends up being a member of his class.  From these pieces of information you can probably piece together the rest of the story with very little effort.  There is a collection of quirky characters but it is sad to see the likes of Allison Janney and J.K. Simmons being wasted in such an ordinary film.

If you like Hugh Grant comedies then you’ll get along fine with this film.  Expect him to fumble through some of his lines and be terribly English about it all.  The movie gets by on his undoubted charm but that is not enough for me to recommend it.  It is so unremarkable I can’t muster the energy to criticise it to any great extent.  For the record my wife thinks it’s one of the worst films of 2014.  She married me so her judgement is probably suspect.



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