Cinema Admission Prices – How Do I Afford to Keep Going?


This isn’t intended to be a long blog but I for reasons unknown I chose to look up the admissions prices for Odeon – the cinema chain I frequent in my local town of Preston.  There are only two choices and I don’t particular like the Vue cinema as its older and a little tired.  It tends to attract a younger (less well behaved) audience and isn’t cheap enough to justify the inconvenience of getting there.

The chain has been running a 40% off promotion for the last month or so which has had me going as much as possible because at £5.40 (circa $8.50) it’s pretty cheap and I don’t have to think too much about spending the money.  Now that promotion has ended and the prices have been put up another 2% pushing a full price adult ticket to £9.10 (circa $14).  If you want to sit in the Premier seats it’s another couple of pounds as are 3D performances.  What has made me (even more) angry is that they seem to have invented a new charge for “Blockbuster” films.  If I want to watch Interstellar there is going to be a £1 surcharge.  How many more films are going to attract this extra cost?  The Hobbit: Battle of The Five Armies?  The Avengers: Age of Ultron?  Star Wars: Episode 7?  If people pay it how many other films are going to be labelled as Blockbuster?


Doing some basic calculations if my wife and I go twice a week and buy our coffees (and muffins) that’s £50 without breaking a sweat.  Assume four weeks in a month etc etc and it works out at £2,400 a year.  That doesn’t take into account the busier summer months where it could be four films a week.  It’s the price of a luxury holiday.  There are ways of mitigating the cost but it means staying up late after work on a Monday to get 25% off or the special £4.50 Bargain Tuesdays but these aren’t always practical and if I want to (as a keen cinema goer) go on the opening weekend of a film what am I supposed to do?

I’m open to ideas.  I just wanted to express some frustration.  P.S. I have discovered while writing the paragraph above that Groupon is doing a deal on Odeon cinema vouchers gotta go …

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