UK Weekend Box Office Results – 31st October to 2nd November


Dear God no!  It can’t be … surely not … what the fu … I’m afraid it’s happened.  I was celebrating last week at the apparent rapid demise of TMNT or TURD.  Sadly the film has returned to the top of the charts over the weekend with a gross of £1.42m.  Horror film Ouija opened this weekend in second place with takings of £1.37m.  The top three was rounded off by Brad Pitt’s WW2 tank drama Fury after a weekend gross of £1.25m.

Nightcrawler had a solid opening, especially for a indie movie, after a weekend gross of £1m, putting it sixth in the chart.  Sadly Horns (I’ll post my review tomorrow night), which I enjoyed a great deal, couldn’t break into the top 10 with weekend takings of £0.39m.  My local cinema won’t be showing it for a second week.  To put it into perspective Mr Turner it took more than twice the money despite being in a lot less cinemas.  I like being contrarian.


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