UK Cinema New Releases – Weekend 14th November


The main release in UK cinemas this weekend is The Imitation Game staring Benedict Cumberbatch as war hero Alan Turing who helped to break the Enigma Code.  The film will also look at the darker chapter of his life when he got into trouble for his sexuality.  Plenty of Oscar buzz for his performance.

The other film that I hope will be available in my local cinema will be The Drop featuring the last performance by James Gandolfini.  I’m more interested because it stars Tom Hardy who is generally very good value for money.  Robbery goes awry meets local neighbourhood troubles.

Be still my beating heart – it’s the long awaited third installment in the Nativity franchise, Nativity 3: Dude Where’s my Donkey?  I already have enough films to populate my 10 least favourite films so I might save some money and give this one a miss.


One thought on “UK Cinema New Releases – Weekend 14th November

  1. It’s a great week for new releases and British actors! I managed to catch a preview of The Imitation Game and can highly recommend it (I’ve popped the review up on my blog if you’re interested). The Drop looks pretty great too and with Gandolfini and Hardy both involved it’s definitely a must see for me. Despite your hesitation, I have to admit that Nativity is one of my favourite Christmas franchises. The second instalment wasn’t a great movie in the conventional sense but it is packed with Christmas fun. I love the songs too 🙂


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