North American Box Office – 14th to 16th November


This is a tough blog to write tonight.  Normally I like to give a thumbs up to a film I like being number one or laughing when a really bad film bombs.  However, I haven’t seen either of the top two films as they haven’t been released on the UK.  Dumb and Dumber 2 has opened what feels like a lifetime after the original pairing of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels were last seen on the big screen.  Still, it opened with $36m and knocked Big Hero 6 into second place which experienced a reasonable week-on-week drop of 38.3% at $34.6m.

Interstellar didn’t fair quite as well with a 40% week-on-week drop after takings of $28.3m.  For whatever reason the film is playing much better with audiences outside North America.  The film has taken $225m in international markets and according to Box Office Mojo is on track to hit $400m.  When you throw in the North American box office the film is probably going to end its run at between $500m and $600m.  Later this week sees the arrival of the next in the Hunger Games franchise.  The question is how much money will it make?

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