Reinventing My Appreciation of Cinema


The year 2014 saw me make a new commitment to take cinema more seriously and get my bottom to my local world of movies (Odeon Preston) to watch pretty much all of the main releases and few others besides.  I’ve done well – I’ve watched 60+ films this year which is no doubt some way behind many of you cinephiles reading this blog.  That being said I only really started in April so I suspect I could have had another ten / twenty titles under my belt.  We’ll see about hitting the 100 mark in 2015.

What I have noticed is that the films I like the most are not necessarily the loud and noisy superhero titles.  I think we’ve had a good group this year with a tight battle between Captain America and the X-Men for my favourite.  We’ve had a good monster movie with Godzilla and the Apes film was fantastic.  Not quite sure where this is going to stand at the end of the year.  It’s a little early but I have started to write up my shortlists for best and worst films of the year.  I expect the list of best films is going to look a lot different from my mid-year list because I’ve decided that I am going to use emotional punch as the decider on what titles make the list.

This is likely to mean that there will be no superhero films on my best of list.  I don’t want to tip my hand too early but a certain creepy crawly will probably be on my list of worst films.  Sadly the British indie Pride is probably going to miss out because of films like The Judge that I enjoyed far more than I expected.  I am very much looking forward to watching The Theory of Everything and I am intrigued by Men, Women and Children.

I’ll be rounding out the cinematic year with a preview of 2015 releases although to be blunt the only one that matters is Star Wars Episode VII.  I’m saying a little prayer that Lucasfilm re-releases the original trilogy in cinemas as little warm up.  Never had the chance to see them in the cinema.  Anyway back to movie reviews tomorrow.  Will be watching Get on Up tomorrow and Hunger Games on Monday.


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