UK Cinema – January 2015 is Loaded


I was looking ahead to the rest of 2014 for films that I was planning to see when I noticed that a number of the movies I had been looking forward to are not coming out this year in the UK.  While this is disappointing on the one hand it does mean that we are going to have a really good January.  While North American cinephiles will be lamenting the bargain basement that is the start of the year, here in the UK we have a lot of look forward to.

New Years Day will see the release of The Theory of Everything starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.  The film tells the life story of celebrated physicist Stephen Hawking and I got to see a featurette a week or so ago.  Redmayne’s performance looks amazing so I have high expectations.  If that’s not enough the following day Birdman is released featuring an all star cast led by Michael Keaton.  Word from North America is really positive although in line with my policy I have stayed away from the reviews.  Not sure how to describe this film beyond it looks at the life of an actor who used to play a superhero.


We now move to the second weekend in January which will see Taken 3 and Foxcatcher.  Taken 3 will hopefully be good fun and I am promised that Foxcatcher will prove that Channing Tatum can act.  We’ll see but it will also be interesting to see Steve Carell in a straight role about preparation for the Olympics in Seoul.  The third week of January sees even more films of interest.  The latest Clint Eastwood directed project, American Sniper, opens on the same day as Whiplash starring Miles Teller and Wild starring Reese Witherspoon in what is expected to be a return to form.


My fingers are getting tired now but the end of January will see Ex Machina starring Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac about a new robot / android with an artificial intelligence.  We will also be getting The Gambler starring Mark Wahlberg and Jessica Lange, A Most Violent Year with Oscar Isaac (again) and Big Hero 6 from Disney which managed to beat Interstellar when in opened in North America.  Blimey that’s quite a bit to think about.  If you have any favourites let me know.



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