The Filmnomore Awards are Nearly Here & Other Stuff

It’s been a quiet time on the blog for the last few weeks as work as been mental and I’ve been chilling out in December.  I’ve made it back from spending Christmas in York this year.  I’m only back in work on January 5th so plenty of time to take in some new films.

More importantly it is the first awards season on the blog.  I have one more film to watch this year – Unbroken – before confirming my lists.  On Wednesday (31st Jan) I’ll be unveiling my best and worst films of 2014.  On 1st January I’ll be announcing The Barry’s where I’ll be unveiling best film, best actors etc, a celebration of the best in film during 2014.  January 2nd is the blog I’m most looking forward to writing as it will be the turn of The Farts – a “celebration” of the worst of 2014 during which we get to dance on the grave of the horrors that blighted our lives.

Believe it or not I have been continuing to see films and saw John Carter for the first time and I can’t believe the amount of money sank into that film.  It looks and feels cheap and Taylor Kitsch stinks the place out.  Watched Men, Women and Children and Exodus: Gods and Kings recently which turned to be better than I expected.  Will be beginning 2015 with a renewed sense of purpose hope you are around to join me.

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