Filmnomore Top Ten Films of 2014

10.  The Boxtrolls – my favourite of the animated films this year.  Full of charm and humour and reminded me of the first time I watched Wall-E.  Praise doesn’t come much higher.


9.  The Judge – yes despite the fact that nobody in the UK went to see this and the critics were underwhelmed I really enjoyed it.  I enjoyed the back and forth between Downy Jnr and Duvall.


8.  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – a blockbuster with a real focus on character development, beat the Marvel films hands down.


7.  Chef – fantastic soundtrack that wouldn’t quit and some really good food being served up.  Doesn’t get much better.


6.  Fury – this film surprised me.  I found it a shattering experience to watch and it left me shaking when it was all over.  The tension was palpable throughout.


5.  The Fault in our Stars – yup,  a film aimed at a teenage girl audience made it to the top five.  My feel good film of the year.  Such a positive outlook on life.


4.  Whiplash – this film hasn’t been released in the UK yet but I got to see a preview earlier this month.  J. K. Simmons is on fantastic form as the demonic band leader.


3.  The Wolf of Wall Street – was my number 1 film half way through the year.  Leonardo DiCaprio is full on in the lead role.  Could have been four hours long for all I care.


2.  Gone Girl – two great performances are at the heart of this tense who dunnit.  Rosamund Pike is sensational and I loved the ending.  They deserve each other.


1.  Interstellar – when all is said and done there could only be one choice for the best film of 2014.  Interstellar was pretty much perfect for me and was by far and away the best thing all year.  I consider it to be one of the best films of all time.  Great story, great acting and great ambition.  Everything a number 1 film should be.


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